Thursday, May 20, 2010

Checking In

Yeah, I realize it's been a long time since I've posted, so here's an update. I started this blog as an easy way to share my ultra experiences with friends and family who have shown interest. It was not designed for other endurance folks (though all are welcome) which is why it doesn't have a cool name like "Ultra Stud", "Trail Nerd", "Endurance Junkie", etc... I reluctantly joined Facebook about 6 months ago as the running club I hooked up with uses it as a primary communication tool. Many who are interested are getting some progress updates through that system, but it's time to update all of you.

Overall, I've been pleased with my training for the WSER100. I've built a solid base of quality miles of trail runs, hill repeats, long runs, trail races, etc...I've logged several weeks of 50+ miles, a couple 60+, and a 70+ week. I've significantly backed off the miles the past few weeks as to manage some tweaks, discomforts, and a reoccuring IT Band issue. Sage ultra advice says it's better to show up at the start line a little under trained, than a little injured. So, while these current weeks are prime training periods, I'm spending my time stretching and strengthening, and hardly running. Since training has been solid I'm not overly concerned and am starting to build miles again. At this point, with only 5 weeks left to WSER100, my focus will be to balance continued progress with issues and increase training miles.

Since the temps at the WSER100 will likely reach 100 degrees, heat training becomes important. Fortunately my work schedule is fairly flexible, so over the next month I'll hit the office early and try to get my runs in mid day as often as possible. I recently read that AJW drives around with his heat on high as a way to prepare. I've considered this, but realized it might be tough to explain to DCF when the kids wither :)