Sunday, May 10, 2009

50 Miler --- DNS

There are two well known acronym's in endurance races....DNF, Did Not Finish, for those who start and don't finish and DNS, Did Not Start, enough said. My list of DNS's is starting to grow more than I"d prefer. Yesterday was the North Face Endurance 50 Challenge at Bear Mtn in New York. Scott and Mark made the journey without me as I made the decision that it would be in my best interest to "DNS". I've had some issues with my right foot, that with attention has brought me from walking with a limp 4 weeks ago to being able to continue running on stable surfaces, including a 30 mile training run just yesterday. The North Face Endurance Challenge is a 50 mile race on single track trails over some good elevation changes and has a reputation as one of the more challenging races in the area. Last year 18 of the 86 starters finished the race. As my foot issues have improved I've gone from running slow on the flats only, to being able to run the hills at a quicker pace, but it's wasn't quite ready for 50 miles of single track. Keeping my eye on greater challenges planned for this year, it was in my best interest to "DNS" (not an easy decision, look at me mature).

I've been training about 50-60 miles per week and continue making progress. The Vermont 100 Endurance race is just over 2 months away and my weekly miles will continue to increase. I expect to run in a 50 miler in the near future and march on.


Fancy Schmancy said...

Sorry that it hurt for you to not run that race, but I'm sure the decision was in your best interest. Heal up and kill the next one!

Scott said...

Wise to decision to DNS. It was brutal and would have wrecked your ankle. It wrecked my soul. I've healed though and am looking forward to more torture in VT. Glad you're going to join in the suffering... :)