Sunday, May 31, 2009

Training Run

I've been pleased with my recovery since Sunday's race. The slight soreness experienced going up and down stairs was gone by Wednesday. The rains kept me from running on Wednesday and I ignored the alarm clock and slept in on Thursday, forgoing my planned run. I can't remember the last time rain or the comfort of my bed successfully tempted me into avoiding a workout, but I didn't think twice this week. I ran a short trail run on Friday to test my ankle and legs and both held up fine.

Saturday's run had something for everyone. Mark looking to get in about 30 miles left home about 5am and ran the 7 plus miles to my house, in blazing time. We continued on the roads of Tolland to Shenipsit Lake Rd where we ran into Clint who joined in for the remainder of the run which took us on dirt and paved roads up and down some good hills through Ellington, Somers, by Soapstone Mtn, Crystal Lake and finished off at Mark's house. Refueled at a convenience store in Somers and bio break at Soapstone. Our pace was consistently strong throughout. The legs felt fatigued but held up well and actually felt better as the miles clicked away.

About 23 miles for me and a good training run for all.

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cmorse said...

My legs felt spent yesterday, but feel quite fine today. Though I only put about 17 miles on them. Just a short hike w/ Jackson today, felt the groin, but doesn't seem to be an issue.

See you at Nipmuck next weekend...